About my store

What I do


I have been operating an Internet based business since 1995. I began buying and selling books Internationally in 1988. I have also attended,as a dealer, anywhere from 5-8 Rare Book Shows a year across the Southern and South Western United States since 1994. Since I specialize in Used and Rare I am not into long descriptions about book content. I try to concentrate on book condition.If you have any questions about any specific title or titles please email me and I will answer all questions to the best of my ability.


My Inventory


I tend to specialize in Horror, Science Fiction, Modern Fiction and Suspense Thrillers because these are the genres that I enjoy reading the most. I don't claim to be the last word of knowledge on anything but these are the genres I know the most about. If you ask a question about any of these areas and I don't know the answer that is what I will tell you. I won't try to snow you. While I do have the ocassional New Book I usually list Used, Rare and Semi-Rare books,from Signed Limiteds to Comics and probably everything in-between. I stock what I list on this web site. I DO NOT list anyone else's books. My inventory is 8000 plus titles strong and growing almost everyday. I almost always have a number of books that have not been added to my on-line inventory laying around so if you can't find something you are looking for contact me. All items are subject to prior sale.




I use the standard letter grading used by most book dealers. I am generally hard on my books when grading them. I will describe in painful detail any defect that I think will influence your buying decision to the point of making you think that you would rather not purchase my book. There will never be a surprise when you open any book that I send you. While over the years I have not satisfied everyone that I have dealt with I have many more happy customers then otherwise.


My Shipping Policy


I will continue to ship MOST orders in a box but because of the increase in Postal Fees some lower priced items may be shipped in padded mailers. International customers please don't let the high shipping fees scare you off. If you request it your book may be small enough to fit in an International Priority Flat rate envelope which will lower the shipping cost and speed up the delivery.